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Art on the Trail: Outdoor Nature & Art Exhibition at Lake Minnewasta Artwork Proposal Form



INSTALLATION DEADLINE: June 1st, 2023            


Please attach photos of your proposed photo's/sketches if possible

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please attach a thoughtful, one page description of the proposed project in as much detail as possible. (Title, theme, central idea. I n what medium/materials is the work? Where do you want to display - Location - ground, tree, etc.? Approximate dimensions - H x W x D.)



Please Note: Applications that communicate the idea and the relevance of the final piece most clearly will receive the highest consideration upon review by the Art on the Trail committee. Art concepts should have an articulate central idea convincingly presented–-a one-page (maximum) description expressing the central idea of the project should accompany the proposal and demonstrate relevance and appropriateness for the park and visitors of the park. Additionally, it is important the proposals demonstrate that the proposed project will be complementary to the parks natural/aesthetic setting.


*Artists are responsible for transporting their artworks to the trail site, the installation of, maintenance of the artwork for the duration of the display time and if necessary, the removal of the artwork due to disrepair or committee decision. If the artist cannot be reached after two attempts via email or phone, the artwork becomes the property of the City of Morden & the Pembina Hills Arts Council. 


Applications will be reviewed and considered on a case-by-case basis by the Lake Minnewasta Art on the Trail Committee.

Notification of acceptance/decline will be by email on or before Saturday April 15th, 2023. Selected artists will receive a $400 stipend to help cover costs associated with material costs, transportation, and installation. All artworks must be installed no later than June 1st, 2023. (Weather permitting.) The date for the “Meet the Artists” reception at  Lake Minnewasta will be announced later in the season (if health code allows), and selected artists will receive further details prior to the reception date.


In your submission proposal, please answer the questions in the order below:


  • Describe the art project you are proposing and include photos/sketches if possible.

  • Attach a thoughtful, one page description of the proposed project in as much detail

as possible (title, theme, central idea). In what medium/materials is the work? Where do you want to display, location–ground, tree, etc.? Approximate dimensions – H x W x D. Important reminder –Artists must consider the health of the waterways, plants, animals, and park visitors—projects cannot be made with any harmful or toxic materials. Preferable to use natural materials.

  • Is this a group or solo project? (If this is a group project, please submit one proposal with the lead artist’s information. Include the name(s) of additional artists)

  • Provide a project timeline from design stage through final installation.

  • Write a statement outlining any safety concerns regarding your project.

  • Provide images (hardcopy photos, sketches, or other visuals of the sculpture)

  • Include preferred site location. (Site must be on City of Morden trail property. Please inquire if you do not know what area that includes!) Committee members can also assist you with choosing a site.

  • Please provide a minimum of 3 and a maximum of 8 images of past work (either hard copies or jpeg) and your resume (if available), exhibition experience, information on any formal art training, and any other personal background information relevant to your application.


Proposal materials will not be returned. All photographic or video graphic images of selected art installations are the property of Pembina Hills Arts Council and the City of Morden and can be used without recognition of specific artists for any purpose by the Pembina Hills Arts Council and the City of Morden.

Thank you! We’ll be in touch.

This form no longer accepts submissions.

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