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All Water Flows to the Sea by Desiree Penner

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All Water Flows to the Sea by Desiree Penner

We have the honor of hosting Desiree Penner's beautiful watercolor paintings for the month of June!


January: Ecole Middle School

February: Artist Call Out Exhibit. Theme: "Our Home"

March: Wayne Letkeman (Acrylic Painting)

April: Highschools; Morden Collegiate, Garden Valley Collegiate & Northland Parkway Collegiate


May: Pride Showcase


June: Desiree Penner (water colour painting)

July: "Embracing Differences" by Sylke van Niekerk (Acrylic/ watercolour paitnings)

August: Sylke Van Niekerki

September: Hugh Gilchrist (Mixed media/ paintings)

October: CRJAE (Central Regional Jurried Art Exhibit)

November/December: Fiber art Divas (fibre Art)


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Pride Exhibiton poster.png

This is an exhibition compiled of local artists in support of Pembina Valley Pride!

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This is an exhibition with art from local high-schools in Morden and Winkler Manitoba.