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current exhibition

February 2023 Exhibition:
Darlene hunt
Come Explore Art with Me

Darlene Hunt Poster.png

Darlene Hunt

Come Explore Art with Me

Too busy making a living to focus on art, now finding myself left with an 'invisible disability', I have returned to my first love in life, art. 

Always the one shaking her head 'no' in a presentation while others were all saying 'yes', to the surprise of no one that while the artists of the world are turning their artworks into fabric designs, my focus is on incorporating what I have learned as a surface designer into my wall art. Goal being to breathe texture, light, movement, touch-ability and at times, interpretation into my art pieces. 

As a self-taught artist whose only constant in life has been the joy and fulfilment that only learning can bring, I find it most difficult to label my work with a definitive style. I can only offer what others have described my work to be, 'unique' whose linework is 'expressive', 'intricate' and 'breathtaking'. 

Come explore art with me, 

Darlene Hunt

Check out the exhibit video below!

FOR 2023

January:  Plum Coulee Elementary

February: Darlene Hunt “Come Explore Art With Me”

March: Jenny Sampson

April: Local Highschools


May:  TFAM Textile Fibre Artists of Manitoba -  “Rivers”


June:  PRIDE

July:  Fibre Art Network “On The Bias”


August:  Central Regional Juried Art Exhibition

September:  Glen Krushel

October:  Celia Rabinovitch "Lost Expressionist"



November:  TBD




December:  TBD

Exhibition Application Form

exhibition terms & conditions

ELIGIBILITY:             Pembina Hills Arts Council (PHAC) provides gallery space for exhibitions by Pembina Hills Arts Council Artist members and other artists interested in exhibiting in southern Manitoba. Artwork must be original and can take on any form (visual or installation.)  Artwork cannot have been previously displayed at PHAC. 


SCHEDULE:             Exhibitions applications will be taken in through until August 31, 2023, upon which all applications will be reviewed and juried. Not all applications will be selected for exhibition at the PHAC.


DEADLINE:               The acceptance of applications is ongoing. The next selection process for exhibitions will take place in September 2023.


PROCESS:               PHAC reviews all applications and determines an exhibition schedule that reflects a diversity of artwork and community members.  Applicants will be notified of the schedule a minimum of 3 months before their exhibit.


HANGING:                Artists are responsible for ensuring that their work is show-ready. For example, hanging exhibits this means framed, wired and compatible with our wire and track hanging system. Work that is not show-ready on install date will not be hung. Artists must hang and strike their own exhibition during gallery hours on a date and time prearranged with staff. Artists are responsible for damage caused by poor installation.


HOURS:                    Regular gallery hours are Tuesday – Friday 12-5 pm, and Saturdays from 10am-3 pm.


RECEPTION:           Receptions will be supplied at PHAC discretion.  Not every show will be eligible for a funded reception.


ARTIST TALK:          Exhibiting artists are encouraged to speak briefly about their work and process during a 10-15 minute presentation to take place during the reception. This is a great opportunity to share ideas, personal history, and process with visitors to the reception.


OUTREACH:            All artists who are selected to exhibit at the PHAC must agree to provide an outreach event. (No additional reimbursement given.) Examples of outreach are as follows but not limited to: Third Thursday Artist Talk or presentation, Artist visit to school or classroom, 2-hour workshop to members etc. We value your input and ideas on how you can provide your best skills!


SPACE:                     Please note that the gallery is a shared space. PHAC offers a variety of workshops for youth and adults, along with children’s programming. While the programs are facilitated by professionals, exhibiting at the PHAC does not offer exclusivity over the space.


MARKETING:           PHAC will include the exhibition information on our website, E-bulletins and ‘blasts’, on our Facebook page, as well as on posters at select locations. Artists are responsible for any additional marketing efforts and costs. Printed materials must include the PHAC logo and be preapproved by staff.


FEES:                        There is no fee to exhibit. PHAC receives 30% on any sale of work that is generated during the duration of the exhibition. Purchases will pay PHAC, who will in turn pay the artist at the end of the exhibition, less 30%.  All artwork must remain on display until the end of the exhibition schedule.


LIABILITY:                 PHAC has the right to refuse any piece. While all due care will be taken with artwork, Pembina Hills Arts Council does not assume liability for theft, loss, or damage of artwork, however caused.


TO APPLY:               Please complete the following information. You must include:

  1. An Artist’s Statement

  2. 5-10 good quality images of work representative of the work you plan to exhibit. Images must be sized to a maximum of 1024 x 768 pixels and 300 dpi and saved to CD or USB key, or include a link to your flicker page or website or sent by email

  3. A detailed description of each image including date, medium, and dimensions.


Incomplete applications will not be considered.

Please complete the following information:


Applications for group exhibitions of 2 or more artists are welcome. Please contact Pembina Hills Arts Council prior to submission to clarify the information required.

Preferred Method of Contact (please check one)
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