Into The Wind by Jan Jenkins

UPDATE: Exhibition ending on September 25th, 2021. 

Jan Jenkins: Into the Wind

Medium: linocut, collage, oil pastel, monoprint, pen & ink, watercolor, fabric, & words

Into the Wind is a series of artworks and poem that are based on the artists reoccurring dream. In the dream Jan rises from the ground and flies over land toward distant horizons. The dream is powerful and represents freedom from fears and anxiety, courage to experience unexplored new horizons, remaining calm and confident while faced with the unknown and hopeful of new beginnings. The “In The Wind” poem and art series explores my initial pen and ink zenwork “In The Wind”.

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Illumination: Word Enfleshed

Collaborative Visual Arts & Text

Illumination: Word Enfleshed will take place August 2021. This
project is an innovative partnership between the PHAC and writer Peter Cantelon.

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Central Regional Jurried Art Exhibit

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Callen Froese

Medium: Illustration (pencil and ink), Collage, Natural Dyed Paper

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Jen Martens

Interdisciplinary Artist

I have always had a passion for creating art. Even as a child, my favourite art subjects have always been animals and people.  It wasn’t until university that I developed an interest in sculpture making. And although my art is primarily paintings and drawings, I welcome any change to try my hand at sculpture. I don’t have a lot of experience with many different types of materials, but I love getting creative with simple or even unconventional materials.