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Want to be part of our gift shop?

Please fill out the form below or download the pdf 
Clock Tower Gifts Application Form

The focus of this dynamic program is on allowing artists to be in control of their own artwork.  It will be managed by PHAC staff who will accept applications and administer the gift shop program along with the help of PHAC Board.  We are looking for artists who create cards, jewelry, pottery, wood, textiles, glass, and other various handmade artisanal objects.  You do not need to be a member of the Pembina Hills Arts Council to apply, however discounts do apply for those who are members. 

Program Details:
•    No commissions – artists retain 100% of their sales! 
•    Vendors must have business cards on stall.
o    If you need help creating your business card, we can help. We can also provide printing for a small fee per sheet of paper. Inquire with staff.
•    You do not need to be a member of PHAC to apply.
•    Space is limited, so apply early.
o    See attached application form for details.
•    The program is based on a rental system (3-months at a time, payable up front)
o    $20/month for a 3-foot display space 
o    $20/month for an approx. 5’ x 6’ wall space
o    $20/month for the jewelry display case
o    Payment is due before artwork can be displayed.
•    Artists may coordinate sharing of the rental space, however only one artist may sign the rental form and will be responsible for maintaining the space.
•    Artists do their own inventory, merchandise labeling, and display.
•    The gift shop will be open during PHAC business hours (currently that is Tues-Friday 12-5pm and 10-3pm on Saturdays)
•    Artists are encouraged to promote their craft/business by participating in a weekend demonstration/display one weekend per month and through any other means they have. Artists are encouraged to supply the PHAC with business cards so customers can contact them about other work not on display, or to ask about custom orders.
•    PHAC will promote the program by providing limited online marketing through Facebook and Instagram, a page on the PHAC website where each vendors name and website (if available), with a brief description will be posted.  
•    In the event of an abundance of applications for any of the intake periods, applications will be reviewed for quality and uniqueness, otherwise spaces will be assigned on a first to come, first-served basis.
•    Intake and Display Timelines
o    Applications for intake will be accepted throughout the year, and if space allows, display can be negotiated up to the 15th of the month ending each quarter (March, June, September, and December for rentals beginning the following quarter.) Vendors have first choice of whether they will renew their assigned stall and must give their decision by the 15th of the month ending each quarter (see above dates). There is no guarantee of availability, so applying early is recommended. 

Acceptance Criteria:
•    Artist must submit all the application documents as requested and agree to all the terms and conditions outlined.
•    Artist must have enough inventory to stock and replenish a 3-foot linear space. Artists are encouraged to rotate some of their work at least monthly and more often during busy seasons.
•    Upon acceptance artist must pay full amount of rent for 3-month term to secure their spot.
Other Items of Note:
•    The Gift Shop is NOT an exhibition opportunity, rather a chance for artisans to have a consistent venue to showcase their craft and generate income.
•    The PHAC is not liable for lost, damaged, or stolen inventory.
•    Images of your products may be used in promotion in print or on the website or on social media, but we cannot guarantee your display will be represented in chosen images.
•    At the end of the 3-month term artist will have option for renewal based on their sales and at the discretion of PHAC staff and volunteers.
•    There is no refund for rent if an artist decides to remove their inventory earlier than the 3-month term.
•    PHAC Board of Directors and staff reserve the right to restrict content.

Labels and Pricing:
•    Each participant will be entirely responsible for their own inventory. 
•    Each participant will deliver their products to the Arts Council marked with our provided template labels including vendor number, brief product description and price, including applicable taxes (as per the Government of Manitoba’s website, children’s clothing <14 years; food and beverages are PST exempt.  
o    All artists are responsible for charging the appropriate PST and remitting this to the government. PHAC will not be held responsible for vendor tax remittance issues.

Submission Checklist:
•    Filled out application form.
•    3-5 digital images that best represent your product(s)
•    Artist statement, biography, and/or CV, selections of which may be posted to the PHAC website or in the Artist’s display area.
•    Optional: Headshot of artist

Submission Process:
•    Fill out & submit application form.
•    A PHAC staff member or volunteer will contact you about the availability of space for the rental period applied for
•    If accepted, sign rental agreement, and pay rental fee.
•    Label artwork with PHAC-provided labels and set up your display.

Please indicate which vendor space you prefer.

Please upload 3-5 digital images that best represent your product(s)

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Artist statement, biography, and/or CV/Artist resume

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Thanks for applying to volunteer with us! We'll get back to you soon.

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