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Quilt Show - Craft Sale 2023 registration form

Downloadable file

Quilt Show - Craft Sale 2023 Registration Form

Date: Fri May 5th: 10AM - 8PM
          Sat May 6th: 10AM - 5PM
          Sun May 7th: 12PM - 5PM

Location: Access Event Centre, 111-D Gilmour St, Morden, MB R6M 1N9

Registration Information: Open immediately and closes Friday, April 21st, at 5:00pm. 


Please read through entire list of details before registering

Craft Sale Details:

  • All crafts are to be handmade and original.  No commercial products or non-registered items will be allowed. Only items listed on the form will be accepted. You will be required to remove any commercial items from your display. 

  • Registration fees are listed above.

  • Limit – 1 table/space) If you need multiple tables, you may bring your own (please let us know how many so that we can properly map your vendor spot in the space provided) or inquire with us on extra tables.

  • Each table is 8’ x 2’.

  • Set-up time is Thursday, May 4th from 9:00AM – 3:00PM, or on the morning of the 5th at 8:00AM. Exhibitors must be set up by 9:45AM, 15 minutes prior to opening. Please do not dismantle your tables until after 5pm on the Sunday May 7th.

  • No promotions will be permitted for items that you are not currently selling.

  • Registration will be minimally curated to ensure that we have a balance of the types of arts and crafts available for customers. The committee reserves the right to limit the duplication of crafts.

  • Food vendors must follow regulations as outlined. Please click on the link below for more information on these regulations.

  • No early bird sales or early takedowns are permitted.

  • A registered crafter can only share his/her table with one other crafter who has been accepted by the Craft Sale Committee prior. Only two registered crafters per table.

  • The committee will pre-assign tables.  We cannot guarantee to meet requests for placements. The vendor is not to re-arrange the tables from the original placement.

  • Boxes, wrapping and packing material are to be stored out of sight. 

  • No crafts are to be displayed in front of or at the sides of your table. Lattice or backdrops behind the tables are permitted provided they are no longer than your table space of 8 ft.

  • Tacks and/or nails are not to be hammered into the tables.  Use a sheet or other material to cover your table or use Velcro or tape.

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  • If you need to be near an electrical outlet, please indicate this on your application form.  Bring your own extension cord.


In support of your sales, we will be sending press releases to the Morden Winkler Voice, Dufferin Leader, Altona Echo, as well as advertising on local radio stations, outdoor signage, Pembina Valley Online, Pembina Hills Arts Council website, signs, posters and our e-newsletter, the City of Morden website and LED sign and Facebook.


Questions: Contact Pembina Hills Arts Council at 204-822-6026 or at


There will be no refunds for vendor cancellations.

*Crafters will be required to move vehicle to designated parking zone after unloading*

Do You Require a Table?

Due to health concerns, we need to know if your product is scented.

Is Your Product Scented?
I hereby agree to abide by the terms outlined in teh Registration and Information forms and include my payment for:

Please select payment method below

Please Select One (current membership will be checked and confirmed)

Thanks for registering to our event. See you there!

Quilt Show-Craft Sale Registration Deadline has lapsed and we no longer accept submissions.

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